Sister Basket and other gifts from Lemeurian journeys

October 21, 2008

Since I arrived at the Pythian Games, and then met a guide and went to Lemeuria many amazing things have happened. I picked up a sister basket thanks to Kerry. I found that the rain and soul food prompts combined and out came a rain mirror. I went into the Tholos and many things happened there as stories were grown from tiny seeds, even just a few magnetic words. I remembered a tram trip in Melbourne and so the tale of the Tuesday trees came into being.

Sometimes it was just fun to be playful and take Hilda a character who had been sitting on my flickr pages and when she heard of soulfood prompts and a rainbow beach well she came out to play for a teddy bear’s picnic with a difference.

The memory stream flows quickly as I dip my fingers in.

1. Sister Basket


In the journey of memory I look into my sister basket, because first I need to find my soul’s inspiration a carpet snake weaves back and forth.

Sister Basket piece

2. Rain

contemplation river

I check out the rain and it questions me as does a reflection that may or may not be my own…

Rain Mirror piece

3. Tuesday Trees

Entering the contemplation of the Tholos stories are born and develop over a few days or a few weeks.

tree study- bark

Then there is a tram travelling through the Tholos and there are the Tuesday trees.
A little girl called Jamilla has come into being. [I can’t share this story here yet, as it’s entered in a competition- but I will when I can.]

4. Hilda’s Adventures

hilda's tea by the sea

I am so happy to have Hilda, hop on a boat and head out to meet some pirates. She is brave teddy.
Hilda’s Adventures Beginnings

5. Tree or pebble

studies of water 2

I realize I have followed a pebble tossed from being in the Lemeuria and many other spaces in the soul food space, I wrote of identity — hmm I had a hard time making up my mind but that tree image kept coming back even as I thought of pebbles, birds of paradise and lots of other things beside. Oh my goodness so many trees- Kauri pines, tuesday Trees. how I love to sit by the trees. I am so thankful that Enchanteur and were pen and so many other friendly characters and people came out to help me in my journey.

Inside I am . . . (there are so many days to think what we really are?)



  1. Such beautiful images and words. I love trees, too.

  2. what a lovely journey & remembering – may your crative tree always be strongly rooted, with broad leaves soaking up sun and rain and ideas from the broad blue sky – Kerry/Kezza

  3. This is a wonderful summary of your travels.

  4. Throw pebbles in the pools of Lemuria and you can be sure that the concentric ripples will have far reaching effects. What a wonderful collection June.

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  6. How beautiful. I am also snapping away with my camera, and find it very rewarding to look back on some images that bring whole days and adventures back to life.

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