Writing is . . .

September 9, 2008

These are my offerings to the muses to thank them for the gift of writing.
There is something magical about the fingers of imagination planting seeds in our mind.
Seeds that can grow into a world that someone else can see when we write.
We see the world and create our word pictures.
Sometimes we may feel like we are are standing before the mirror
and we are lost for words and this is where we begin to dream.
We want to look beyond the mirror and see that there might really be another world there.

(c) Words and Images June Perkins (Gumbootspearlz)

Writing is


My creation

Writing is all these things to me and much much more . . .
What is writing to you?




  1. What a wonderful series of photos and thoughts. I love it.

  2. Like Jane I loved the photos…images of young life
    I am now more determined to buy myseld a Digital camera
    Hang getting the cold water pipes replaced in my old 1928 home I will continue to put up with ” A Bad Flow”
    These images cannot be compared ever with a set of copper pipes under the ground hey…..
    The beauty of writing and singing cannot be replaced by ” Household fiddle de dee” …….

    Lois ( Muse of the Sea) 10.9.08

  3. Such beautiful images and thoughts, lovely 🙂

  4. These posters would brighten up any library or classroom walls, hang wonderfully in community centres. What a novel approach to this. Bravo!

  5. WoW – that’s all I can say – WOW! I love the lines: “the fingers of imagination planting seeds in our mind….Seeds that can grow into a world that someone else can see when we write…We want to look beyond the mirror and see that there might really be another world there…

    and the photos are just amazing! Your art makes the world a more hopeful place…

  6. I certainly agree! The last photo has such a feeling of youthful wonder! That’s something, as writers and artists, we all need to hold onto. Just beautiful.

  7. what more can I add? great images and words which sum up so neatly what writing is all about

  8. (: thanks everyone for your responses- I have tried to reply individually but my email is so slow today!
    It would be great to see them on school walls – the series was inspired by some recent events and a lovely line from my son, writing is sports for fingers… which I then extrapolated thinking about what it was he meant.

  9. I like how you approch these images from a slightly different perspective.

  10. Wonderful, June, in every way.

  11. The photos and musings are just lovely! You are very talented!!

  12. (: thanks Edith and Lori and monika – you are all a very encouraging group and I am glad you enjoyed the images and words.

  13. Oh, what a wonderful selection of happy images. They display clearly the wonder of creativity.


  14. sweet pictures of children and their wonder of the everyday things in their, still new, world.

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